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Shore Excursions from La Spezia

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La Spezia Shore Excursions to Pisa - Florence or


If your cruise ship visited Livorno and you weren't able to take advantage of Bob's Limousine Tours to Pisa and Florence at the port of call, we also offer excursions to these two stunning cities when your ship arrives in La Spezia.

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Join our "Pisa and Florence" tour and your English-fluent driver first will take you to Pisa to see the "Leaning Tower" and other sites. It's then on to Florence and Michelangelo's Square, offering you a spectacular view of this amazing city.  Your guide will then drive you down to the church of Santa Croce where you may pay your respects to some of Italy's best and best-loved artists and scientists -- Michelangelo, Galileo, etc. You'll then go around Florence to see the Duomo, Giotto's Bell Tower, Signoria Square and the Pitti Palace, home to many of the world's most priceless art objects. Your day will end with a visit to the Accademy Museum to see Michelangelo's "David" and/or to the Uffizi Gallery. We also can leave you time for shopping and eating. It's up to you!

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Our "Pisa - Lucca" or Pisa only tour are both very popular, as it gives those among our guests who have visited Florence before an opportunity to see another "must visit" town among the many Italy offers.

If you plan on booking the Leaning Tower please make your reservations in accordance with your pick up schedule. We take no responsibility for your Tower or Art Gallery booking reservations. You are responsible for booking the correct entrance time allowing enough lead time in order to arrive in due time for your entrance.

This tour takes your first to Pisa to enjoy the Leaning Tower and to explore the square around the tower. Your guide then will take to the beautiful city of Lucca, a town founded by the Etruscans, later becoming a Roman colony in 180 B.C. Ancient Roman influences still can be seen in the rectangular grid of the town's Roman street plan (especially in the town's center). You also can see traces of an ancient amphitheater in the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro.

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If you've been to Florence before and still can't get enough (and, really, who can get enough of this incredible city), our "Florence Major Highlights" tour may be what you need.

This tour will see you and your party visiting the Accademy (to see the statue "David" and other masterpieces of antiquity, the Renaissance and more), the Dumo, the Baptistry and Giotto's bell tower. You'll then either walk or ride around downtown to shop and/or to see some of Florence's other monuments.

This tour also includes a visit to Florence's largest public square, the Piazza della Signoria. You also may visit the tombs of Michelangelo and Galileo, and go see the works of incredibly beautiful art of Cimabue, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Giotto and others in the Uffizi Gallery.

Here at Bob's Limousine Tours, we want to provide you with the absolute best shore excursion possible. Your comfort, your safety and your enjoyment are paramount to us. We want to provide you with that Wow! factor as you join us for your tour.

We optimize your limited time by offering personalized tours of Rome and Italy with great rates !

By placing reservaitons with our company you have read and agreed on our Terms & Conditions .

Choose your perfect tour and let Bob's Limos in Italy earn your business!

Rome Limousines

La Spezia

Name of Tour Duration
Pisa & Florence 9 hrs.
Lucca & Florence 9 hrs.
Pisa and Lucca 9 hrs.
5 Terre 9 hrs
Country Wine tour 9 hrs.

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